Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

If the NFL gives NBC the right to 'flex' games out its last six weeks of the season (for better or more attractive games) why then does the NFL saddle viewers with the Cowboys and Lions every Thanksgiving. Let's face it, the Lions are years removed (and at least a few more away) from being a significant team. Dallas has only been interesting in recent years as a 'train wreck'. Seems to me, the three Thanksgiving Day games should be rotated among all 32 teams, so no team has a consistent advantage (or disadvantage such as the teams traveling this week) and the viewers have more attractive match ups.

Vince Young goes Corey Dillon? Remember when Dillon tossed his shoulder pads and helmet into the stands at Paul Brown Stadium on the final day of the 2003 season, when a loss to the Browns ended any playoff hopes and Dillon's Bengals career? Now Young does the same thing in Tennessee? The only thing worse than what Young did was what his team's owner did. He publicly chided both Young and head coach Jeff Fisher, saying they both have to find a way to co-exist. If I'm Fisher, I'm telling Bud Adams to stick it where the sun don't shine. Jeff Fisher is not only the longest tenured coach in the NFL, he's also one of the best. On the open market, he could have his pick of jobs, most of them better than working for the clown that owns the Titans.

Giants' quarterback, Eli Manning hasn't learnesd to do the quarterback slide yet? That effort against the Eagles last Sunday night was not only pathetic, it might have cost his team a shot a playoff berth.....

If a game is on the line and you absolutely need a score to win, who would you take ahead of Tom Brady? Answer: no one.

Carson Palmer may yet be an elite quarterback. But I'm afraid he's 'damaged goods' in Cincinnati. It's not that he's done anything wrong. It's the cast of characters he's been surrounded with in his Bengals career. TO, Ochocinco, Lavernius Coles, to name just a few. Mix in an awful offensive line and players who've simply never lived up to their potential (Chris Perry would come to mind) and whatever career Palmer has left may best be salvaged by an exit from Cincinnati to another team. Don't count on that happening. He's under contract for four years and players don't leave the Bengals until Mike Brown is done with them. I feel badly for Palmer. He seems like a genuinely nice guy....

Dontrelle Willis signs with the Reds? What, Todd Van Poppel wasn't available? Not a bad flyer for the Reds to take. But honestly, what are the Reds going to salavage from Willis that the Marlins and Tigers couldn't? And if you saw him pitch with the Diamondbacks this season, you probably came to the conclusion that you had better stuff than Willis. But, in this holiday season, we wish him well in his comeback....

I admire the 10,000 or so who will wake up Thanksgiving morning and run in the 101st annual Thanksgiving Day Race through downtown Cincinnati. But honestly, at 9am when the race begins, there's no place I'd rather be than in bed. Hope you set a personal best....

Third straight loss for the Miami Heat, losing Wednesday night 104-94 to Orlando. Must be Juwan Howard's faul they're just 8-7. Memo to Pat Riley: this is not fantasy basketball.

Hope you get enough to eat Thursday. And if you do, remember how lucky you are. Millions in our country alone go hungry every day. Support your local Freestore Foodbank. We need to take better care of each other.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Case For Scott Podsednik

With congratulations to Joey Votto for winning the 2010 National League MVP award, here's what I think the Reds need to do tomorrow morning. It will be the first step in this off season to insure that they'll be NL Central Division champions again in 2011.

Sign Scott Podsednik. That's right, by tomorrow.

Signing Podsednik will accomplish two things: it will give the Reds a legitimate 150 game left fielder. It will also fill the need for a legitimate lead off batter.

Podsednik is a left handed bat, who has bloomed late in his career into a major leaguer. He didn't become a semi-regular until the age of 27. He's bounced around the league. But everywhere he's been, Podsednik has excelled.

He'll be 35 next Opening Day. Yet Podsednik has retained his speed, stealing at least 30 bases each of the last two seasons. Imagine Podsednik at the top of the order and centerfielder Drew Stubbs hitting seventh, with similar speed. Imagine Podsednik setting the table for Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto. He hit .297 last season, played in 134 games with three different teams and drove in 51 runs. He also got on base a very respectable .342. His fielding, while not Gold Glove, is more than adequate. He committed just five errors in 285 chances last season.

The Reds got decent, but sporadic production from Jonny Gomes in 2010. His numbers were heavily skewed to the early part of the season. With Podsednik as the everyday left fielder, it would allow Gomes to do what may play to his strength: spot starting and a lethal bat off the bench. It would also free up Chris Heisey as potential trade bait. Heisey, for whatever reason, does not seem to be a player of choice with the current Reds regime, limited to spot starts and bench work, hardly worthy of the second best prospect in the organization after the 2009 season.

Podsednik will cost the Reds about $4 million for a one year deal, if signed now. They could risk waiting later in the winter to sign him and hope his price goes down. That may prove to be a fools game. After Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth, Podsednik would be the next best option for a team looking for outfield help.

The Reds are looking for outfield help. Signing Scott Podsednik should be a priority for the Reds.

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