Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here's what I want to see when the Bengals take the field Friday night to finish up the pre-season. I want to see Carson Palmer and that first team offense play one series. In that series, I want to see Palmer toss the ball to each of his wide receivers and let Rudi rip off a long run. I want to see Tab Perry step up and catch a touchdown pass. I want a long drive where the Bengals can show all the doubters that their offense is one of the top three in the NFL.

On defense, I want to see the first teamers hold the Colts to three and out, in Indy's first drive. I want to see the first teamers take the ball away, the second time the Colts get the ball.

Then, I want to see every one of the 22 first teamers on the bench. That would be the perfect way to end the pre season.

What do you think the chances are of that happening?

The Bengals are banged up. Willie Anderson is back practicing. But we'll be lucky to see him on the field by opening night. Anderson's foot injury isn't getting better. He'll need corrective surgery when his career is done. Now, it's just a matter of dealing with pain.

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The Reds are back to seven games out. I want to believe. But here's what's keeping me from doing that. No pitcher on the roster you can count on who's not named Aaron Harang. Even the Reds #2 starter, Bronson Arroyo is now an iffy proposition. He left after throwing only 80 pitches in Pittsburgh Monday night, claiming fatigue. Arroyo was wheezing after the second inning, by his own admission. Mark Belisle, Tom Shearn (who?) and whomever else the Reds can round up to fill out the rotation aren't good enough for this team to be seriously taken as a contender.

I may be wrong. I hope I am.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm not worried about the Bengals offense. Willie Anderson will be back at right tackle by the season opener and all will be right with that side of the ball. It has the ability to average between 28-31 points per game. BUT, having to average that amount of points to win is an entirely different deal.

It's the other side of the ball I'm worried about. Other than using a first round pick to draft cornerback, Leon Hall, the Bengals have done little to fix a defense that hemmoraged points last season. Yes, rookie safety Marvin White, will be a good player and sure, they brought in a number of defensive linemen in the off season. But I've seen nothing to make me believe that this year will be better than last year, defensively.

We won't get any updates in this pre season finale Friday night when the Colts gallop into town. You'll be lucky to see any starters play in that game. I remember two years ago, when the Colts came here to finish the pre season, Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and the rest of those first team offense stars were rumors. They never played a down. I doubt if it'll be different this year.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looking at the tape of the Bengals and Saints co-workout today, it made me think of just how 'old school' the Bengals are. Today was the first time they ever shared a practice field with another team, in their 40-year history.

It's common around the NFL these days to see two geographically close teams scrimmage before the pre-season begins. When I worked in Washington, DC, I covered the Redskins-Steelers scrimmages every summer. And that's plural: scrimmages. Once a summer they'd meet in Frostburg, Maryland, then the 'Skins summer base. Once a summer, the teams scrimmaged in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The Bengals, for 40-years have only held an intra-squad scrimmage. Some coaches have told me they don't like this. When you scrimmage against yourself, your offense against your defense, it doubles the chances of you players getting hurt. Today, it was a full speed, non contact workout with the Saints. Maybe it'll lead the Bengals into the same turf the rest of the NFL has been enjoying, for year.

I'm now officially concerned about Willie Anderson. The big tackle showed up today wearing a protective 'boot' on his right foot. Anderson was injured in December, 2006, in a game against the Colts. Apparently, the injury never healed properly. And today, Anderson hinted he may not be ready for the season opener, now in just 25 days. This week, Anderson went to Atlanta to see doctors other than those who tend to the Bengals. His injury, in his words, was 're-injured' to promote healing. That, to me, sounds like the re-breaking of a bone that had healed improperly. Anderson, one of the greatest players in Bengal history, said there's a 60 percent chance this will help heal the injury. If it doesn't, could it mean the end of a possible Hall of Fame career? I hope not.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just some random thoughts on this Tuesday night....

The top 50 mens tennis players in the world are in Cincinnati this week. It's been that way for more than a generation. Amazing, isn't it, that we host a tournament of that magnitude in a town the size of Cincinnati? I got to talk with Roger Federer tonight, the number one player in the world. He's down to earth, self deprecating and very funny. Maybe he's that way, because he grew up in the game of tennis not only playing, but serving as a ball boy at at number of events....

Federer is great. But Andy Roddick plays with the kind of passion that Jimmy Connors brought to the game. Gee, wonder who Roddick's coach is?

If the Reds pick up Adam Dunn's $13 million dollar option, it's really a $12.5 million dollar deal. To let him walk after this season, it'll cost the Reds a half-million. In this day and age in pro baseball, if you can't afford a 40-45 home run, 100-110 RBI player at $12.5 mil, you should get out of the business...

Of course, it's not my money....

I want to believe the Bengals will be better this season, but why should I? The offense has lost its third wide receiver for the first eight games and it's back up running back. The defense has a number one draft pick in its secondary this year. But should we expect Leon Hall to play anything but like a rookie?

I'm saying 9-7, but that could win the division....

The Ravens will not have the kind of season they had in '06. They're playing a first place schedule this season, not the 6-10 schedule they played in last season....

Why do I think Barry Bonds will have a lot of company in the soon to be finished steroid investigation Major League Baseball is conducting?

I'll give you Bill Bray and David Weathers. Name me one other current pitcher in that Reds bullpen who you think will be back in '08.......

The more I watch Pete Mackanin, the more I'd like him to return as manager in 2008. But I don't think it'll happen. He suffers from the Miley-Narron syndrome: minor league, interim managers who were eventually hired full time and did not work out.

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